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Son of a Gun Movie Download

Son of a Gun YTS
Son of a Gun YTS
Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
1 hr 48 min

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Son of a Gun yts
Son of a Gun movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Locked up for a minor crime, 19 year old JR quickly learns the harsh realities of prison life. Protection, if you can get it, is paramount. JR soon finds himself under the watchful eye of Australia’s most notorious criminal, Brendan Lynch, but protection comes at a price.
Julius Avery
Top Cast
Alicia Vikander as Tasha

Ewan McGregor as Brendan Lynch

Brenton Thwaites as JR

Damon Herriman as Wilson

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1 hr 48 min
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Son of a Gun review

Reviewed by kosmasp

7 / 10

Taking under the wing
It seems like after (or before) Jeff Bridges, there is Ewan McGregor. Our main actor from “The Giver” is playing the main role here too. And again he has a mentor, which gets clear from early on. Though this “mentor” is a bit different. Also he plays a more adult role here. It’s a prison con thriller kind of thing, which you either like or you don’t. It’s more than decent and it all comes down to the actors.

The script is OK, but you might have seen a lot of things. The ending is a bit predictable too, but it’s fun to watch unfold. The movie could have been a bit leaner and meaner, but as it is it’s more than a decent and enjoyable watch.