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Space Warriors Movie Download

Space Warriors YTS
Space Warriors YTS
Action / Adventure / Family
1 hr 33 min

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Space Warriors yts
Space Warriors movie download hd
Plot Summary:
The son of a retired astronaut competes to win a seat on the next space shuttle.
Sean McNamara
Top Cast
Mira Sorvino as Sally Hawkins

Dermot Mulroney as Andy Hawkins

Josh Lucas as Col. Roy Manley

Danny Glover as Commander

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Space Warriors review

Reviewed by huh_oh_i_c

1 / 10

This Science Camp movie is so bad, it’ll drive kids AWAY from science, not towards it. It’s just that bad.
Why, oh why isn’t there a zero on the scoring system? The Room (2003). Tycus (1999). Anything with Adam Sandler in it.

These are all better movies than this piece of crap. Even the suspend-your-belief moments are suspending their beliefs.

Most of the badness comes from the script (third-rate even by Disney-standards), but a lot comes from the super bad acting by Thomas Horn (Jimmy). It’s over the top, he’s got a squeaky “Gee Whiz” voice, with all the utterly FAKE surprise of that expression. His actions are weird, kind of immoral, and unsympathetic actions (designed to make the character “grow” later on in the story) are totally fake and why oh why would that girl be attracted to him? Oh yeah: his team mates are even LESS attractive. He’s girly, and not in a good way. You want to shout “It’s getting better” at him all the time, but that would not refer to his acting, only to his conveyed personal life.

This is just bad, very bad.

0/10 The Melancholic Alcoholic.Read More