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Stolen YTS
Stolen YTS
Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
1 hr 36 min

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Stolen yts
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Plot Summary:
Master thief Will Montgomery is just released from the State penitentiary after serving a 10 year sentence, is contacted by Vincent, his ex comrade in crime, who is holding Will’s teenage daughter ransom in a hijacked taxi cab. Vincent will only surrender her when Will reveals the whereabouts of the 20 million dollars he contrived to conceal from their last robbery.
Simon West
Top Cast
Nicolas Cage as Will Montgomery

Malin Akerman as Riley Jeffers

Josh Lucas as Vincent

Danny Huston as Tim Harlend

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Stolen review

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca

4 / 10

Generic and unappealing
STOLEN is a very lame Nicolas Cage thriller, one that takes place outside the boundaries of reality and feels very silly as a result. The film is a major disappointment considering the talents of director Simon West, who has made decent films before (CON AIR) and since (THE EXPENDABLES 2). The family friendly attitude to the production is another problem, nothing feels dangerous or remotely threatening here.

The plot is predictable to say the least. Cage and his associates carry out the ultimate bank robbery, only to have the police show up. The others escape but Cage gets eight years in the slammer after burning the money. After he’s let out, he discovers his former partner’s gone rogue, still demanding his share of the loot, to which end he kidnaps Cage’s daughter.

And there you have it. Cage gives a dull, subdued performance but he can’t do much with this boring character. Danny Huston, playing his nemesis, a dogged cop on his tail, is equally routine, and as for Josh Lucas’s crazed villain, the less said about his Z-grade acting the better. STOLEN contains poor, predictable action scenes and too many unbelievable moments to be an effective thriller; check out some Mark Wahlberg movies like CONTRABAND and BROKEN CITY for better attempts at the genre.Read More