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Stonados YTS
Stonados YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
1 hr 28 min

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Stonados yts
Stonados movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A storm chaser tries to save Boston from destruction when a freak tornado bombards the city with huge boulders.
Jason Bourque
Top Cast
William B. Davis as Ben

Paul Johansson as Joe Randall

Miranda Frigon as Maddy

Katherine Evans as Student #1

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Stonados review

Reviewed by Marshal Phipps

6 / 10

As if a sharknado wasn’t enough, a stonado was created for some reason
I laughed when I first heard about this film, I knew right away I had to watch it. I don’t know if Stonados was meant to be a ripoff or homage to Sharknado since there are so many connections that can be made between the two films, one big noticeable connection is the ending where a vehicle with explosives is driven into the tornado to destroy it. Ripoff or not this film is amusing like Sharknado though in my opinion Stonados is slightly better in overall quality.

The idea of tornadoes of throwing large stones sounds interesting, but it sounds more interesting you add in the part where the stones explodes, that’s where your expectations goes up even more.

In the end I’ve enjoyed this film, it’s fun tongue-in-cheek entertainment.Read More