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Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance
1 hr 31 min

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Plot Summary:
Honest and straightforward small-town Shirlee Kenyon chucks her boyfriend and heads for Chicago. Accidentally having to host a radio problem phone-in show, it is clear she is a natural and is hired on the spot. But the station insists she call herself Doctor, and as her popularity grows a local reporter starts digging for the truth. Problem is, the more he is around her the more he fancies her.
Barnet Kellman
Top Cast
Teri Hatcher as Janice

Ron Livingston as Soldier

James Woods as Jack

Paula Newsome as Ellen

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Straight Talk review

Reviewed by moonspinner55

3 / 10

Corny, poorly-made vehicle for Dolly
Advertised as a “date movie”, this comedic vehicle for Dolly Parton is really full of chick-flick clich├ęs, hopefully the last gasp for the Cinderella Specialty. Parton plays a country bumpkin named Shirlee who relocates from the sticks to Chicago, inadvertently landing a job as a talk-radio psychologist (when asked about her education, Shirlee tartly replies she graduated from “Screw U”). Corny, old-fashioned in the worst sense, and just plain stale. James Woods and Griffin Dunne are both highly inappropriate male leads for Dolly, whose natural effervescence is apparent but not utilized to any advantage. Parton also performs on the soundtrack, with the title cut being one of her very weakest songs. *1/2 from ****

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