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Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance
1 hr 30 min

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Plot Summary:
Successful movie director John L. Sullivan, convinced he won’t be able to film his ambitious masterpiece until he has suffered, dons a hobo disguise and sets off on a journey, aiming to “know trouble” first-hand. When all he finds is a train ride back to Hollywood and a beautiful blonde companion, he redoubles his efforts, managing to land himself in more trouble than he bargained for when he loses his memory and ends up a prisoner on a chain gang.
Preston Sturges
Top Cast
Ray Milland as Near-collision man on studio street

Veronica Lake as The Girl

Preston Sturges as Studio Director

William Demarest as Mr. Jones

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Sullivan’s Travels review

Reviewed by Xstal

8 / 10

Sullivan’s Travails…
As original a piece from the 1940s as you’ll likely come across and one where it could quite easily have found itself as knotted and gnarled as some of the boots seen pounding the highways and byways of its cast. Fortunately those pretentious rips fail to appear and it’s the arrival of Veronica Lake that turns the ramble to a journey and an illustration as relevant today about the lack of opportunity we continually chose to turn a blind eye to. An interesting twist towards the end provides something to chew on and supports a finale that may well give you a little to smile about, maybe even a chuckle.

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