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Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Plot Summary:
When a Supreme Court judge commits suicide and his secretary is found murdered, all fingers point to Carl Anderson, a homeless veteran who’s deaf and mute. But when public defender Kathleen Riley is assigned to his case, she begins to believe that Anderson may actually be innocent. Juror Eddie Sanger, a Washington lobbyist, agrees, and together the pair begins their own investigation of events.
Peter Yates
Top Cast
Liam Neeson as Carl Wayne Anderson

John Mahoney as Judge Matthew Bishop Helms

Dennis Quaid as Eddie Sanger

Michael Beach as Parking Lot Attendant

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Suspect review

Reviewed by moonspinner55

6 / 10

Entertaining, though formulaic and unexceptional…
A no-frills role for Cher playing an over-worked public defender whose latest client (forced upon her by the court) is a homeless, deaf-mute male accused of murder. Despite the lack of sass, this is a good Cher performance: focused, unselfish on the screen and quite natural, she’s charming without effort. Dennis Quaid is a decent match for her as a Capitol Hill lobbyist and juror who wants to help piece together the mystery surrounding a murdered female clerical assistant who had information regarding dirty doings in Washington, D.C. A fairly sophisticated yarn, though one cut straight from a formula. Director Peter Yates does well at keeping the pace lively, however some of the early moments with Quaid are confusing (his role is half-written) and the script is weighty with contrivances and red herrings. A handful of the supporting performances are interesting, but why are the lesser roles–particularly that of a parking lot attendant and the victim herself–so amateurish? **1/2 from ****Read More

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