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The Battery YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror
1 hr 41 min

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The Battery yts
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Plot Summary:
In rural Connecticut, baseball players Ben and Mickey are trying to survive a zombie plague. They are forced to form a battery: a catcher and a pitcher who work together to outwit the batter, the one who hits the ball. And the batter in this case just happens to be a zombie. Tough Ben and gentle Mickey frequently disagree on the best way to go about the situation. Then they suddenly hear a human voice through their walkie-talkies. Is salvation nearby, like Mickey thinks, or is Ben’s suspicion justified?
Jeremy Gardner
Top Cast
Larry Fessenden as Frank

Jeremy Gardner as Ben

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The Battery review

Reviewed by jimwt66

4 / 10

For the budget it was OK but that doesn’t make it a great movie
It was slow and Mickey should have built a shrine for Ben. Mickey was nothing but a leech. Ben must have really disliked being alone to drag that leech around. Can’t say it was because they were best friends since they said they barely knew each other before the zombie break out. Since Ben was the one that did the killing and kept an eye out Mickey was useless. Mickey could have not existed and Ben would have been better off since the benefit of having a second person is to help with defense and keep an eye out. Neither of which Mickey did. All he did was whine and keep his headset on.

Ben could have done far better on his own but for some reason dragged the leech around. I would have stopped it before the end but I was only hanging on hoping that Mickey finally got bitten and Ben would be on his own. In hindsight I wish I would have stopped it at the halfway mark. The acting was fine but it was kind of an aimless story with some mysterious “Orchard” camp mentioned. That really could have been left out and not made much of a difference to the story except for getting Ben shot.Read More