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The Beach YTS
The Beach YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller
1 hr 59 min

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The Beach yts
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Plot Summary:
Twenty-something Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map. Rumours state that it leads to a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss – excited and intrigued, he sets out to find it.
Danny Boyle
Top Cast
Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard

Tilda Swinton as Sal

Virginie Ledoyen as Fran├žoise

Robert Carlyle as Daffy

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The Beach review

Reviewed by mark.waltz

3 / 10

The sands of the hourglass unfortunately fell out because The Hourglass was broken.
If you’re thinking of going someplace exotic or finding a movie to go to someplace exotic, Bangkok and the beach are not your answer. This is an extremely unpleasant film because it is an unpleasant view of the society that none of us fortunately ever have to witness because we avoid it, and it’s an ugliness that should not be confused as entertainment. The audience is going to be manipulated by the beauty of the paradise that is seen, but when the twist comes, it’s 1 so unpleasant and reprehensible that you wish you would never taken the trip. If there’s one thing that this film shows, it’s the view of Americans that is not favorable in places like this, not as long as they can’t get cash out of you or destroy your soul in the process, and that seems to be what’s going to happen to Leonardo DiCaprio here.

For one thing, he’s staying and probably one of the most disgusting hostels or hotels or whatever you want to call this place here, a place where people can literally get on a chair and look into your bedroom and harass you to see if you have drugs. That results in the discovery of a suicide in the room next to DiCaprio’s, as well as a map to the so-called paradise of a beach. There are so many other movies that show paradise is like this, that you can easily avoid taking this trip which leads to the voyager on the road to ruin. It’s also a very manipulative movie, negative in ways that it doesn’t show directly on screen, but with motivations that are ugly shallow and dangerous, especially to the target audience got it was made for in 2000.

If I encountered 90% of the people in this movie while on a trip, I would be on the next plane out of there. I couldn’t imagine having such an unpleasant vacation, and where DiCaprio is lead can only results in one thing. Yes, this was a big blockbuster at the time, but time is always the judge in movies like this, and seeing it again, I see it for what it is, and it is not enjoyable in any way. Shallow disgusting characters, horrible writing, a direction that’s all over the place, and so many unbelievable ridiculous situations makes this one of the most disturbing films of modern times, a film with such disgusting messages that is a catastrophe to think that this ever got the light of day from a major Hollywood studio.Read More