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The Big Red One YTS
The Big Red One YTS
Action / Drama / War
1 hr 53 min

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The Big Red One yts
The Big Red One movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A veteran sergeant of World War I leads a squad in World War II, always in the company of the survivor Pvt. Griff, the writer Pvt. Zab, the Sicilian Pvt. Vinci and Pvt. Johnson, in Vichy French Africa, Sicily, D-Day at Omaha Beach, Belgium and France, and ending in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia where they face the true horror of war.
Samuel Fuller
Top Cast
Mark Hamill as Pvt. Griff, 1st Squad

Robert Carradine as Pvt. Zab, 1st Squad

Lee Marvin as The Sergeant

St├ęphane Audran as Underground Walloon fighter at asylum

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The Big Red One review

Reviewed by grantss

5 / 10

1942. The green troops of a US infantry squad are about to get their first taste of war, hitting the shores of Vichy French-held Morocco as part of Operation Torch. The squad is lead by a tough, no-nonsense sergeant, a veteran of WW1. The squad ultimately is involved in several of the key battles of the European / North African theatre: Operation Torch, Kasserine Pass, Sicily, Omaha Beach and the Allies’ invasion of Germany itself. The squad is a part of one of the most famous US combat units: the 1st Infantry Division – The Big Red One.

Mediocre war drama. Plot involves moving from one engagement to the next with very little character engagement, linking of scenes, introspection or profundity. It’s really just a montage of the 1st Infantry Division’s battles, told through the eyes of a particular squad.

Engagement with the squad’s members is limited. You never get to know them, so never get too invested in their characters. Any character development is largely token.

Not very accurate militarily, the war scenes being more of the made-for-teenage boys, gung ho Hollywood variety. Then there is the usual problem for war movies of the era: not enough surviving German tanks so we have US Shermans masquerading as Tigers, limiting the realism of the film.

It’s not all bad though. There are some poignant scenes – the flowers-on-helmet scene, the concentration camp – and some interesting observations on war.

Overall: so-so.Read More