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The Bounty Hunter Movie Download

The Bounty Hunter YTS
The Bounty Hunter YTS
Action / Comedy / Romance
1 hr 50 min

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The Bounty Hunter yts
The Bounty Hunter movie download hd
Plot Summary:
A revered bounty hunter’s latest gig is rather satisfying, as his bail-skipper is his ex-wife, who has no intention of getting nabbed without a fight.
Andy Tennant
Top Cast
Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley

Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd

Christine Baranski as Kitty Hurley

Cathy Moriarty as Irene

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The Bounty Hunter review

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho

5 / 10

I Expected Much More From This Film
The gambler and former police officer Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) owes money to dangerous bookmakers and works as bounty hunter. His ex-wife Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is a reporter snooping the mysterious death of a man that was reported by the police as suicide. Meanwhile Nicole is accused of running over and assaulting a police officer and is summoned to a hearing in the court. However, she has a lead for her case and she misses the audience with the judge. Milo is assigned to track down and arrest Nicole; in return, he would receive an award of US 5,000.00. While hunting Kate, Milo stays close to his ex-wife and they both revive the good moments they had in their marriage. But Nicole is pursued by the criminal that she is investigating and Milo by the henchmen of the takers and they get into trouble.

I expected much more from “The Bounty Hunter” since I like the sexy Jennifer Aniston and the efficient Gerard Butler. However, the story recalls “Serving Sara” and is entertaining in a few moments but without the charm of the movie of 2002. The tanned Jennifer Aniston shows a magnificent shape in a sexy black dress that highlights her awesome legs. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): “Ca├žador de Recompensa” (“Bounty Hunter”)Read More