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Action / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller
1 hr 37 min

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Plot Summary:
A fisherman with money problems hires out his boat to transport criminals.
Michael Curtiz
Top Cast
Sherry Jackson as Amelia Morgan

William Campbell as Concho

Patricia Neal as Leona Charles

John Garfield as Harry Morgan

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The Breaking Point review

Reviewed by evanston_dad

8 / 10

A Second Go at Hemingway
“The Breaking Point” is technically considered to be a remake of Ernest Hemingway’s “To Have and Have Not,” first brought to the screen with Bogie and Bacall. But it feels like a whole different story in just about every conceivable way. John Garfield excelled at playing prototypical noir heroes, desperate men doing desperate things when feeling trapped by an unfair fate. This is the role he has here, and watching his character dig himself deeper and deeper into shady doings that he knows are shady from the outset is like watching a slowly unfolding car accident. Patricia Neal is extremely fetching and knows how to deliver a sardonic one liner like no one’s business, but the script doesn’t do a whole lot with her other than have her appear here and there as window dressing. The stand out for me was Phyllis Thaxter as Garfield’s plain Jane wife. It’s refreshing in a film from 1950 to see a housewife portrayed as something other than a mindless cipher for her husband’s thoughts and desires. Instead, she has a mind of her own and reserves of strength he might not give her credit for.

The most quietly astonishing thing about “The Breaking Point” is its treatment of Garfield’s friend and ship assistant, a black man played by Juano Hernandez. The fact that he’s black is a complete non-issue in the film. He’s treated as an equal by Garfield and his family, and none of the stereotypes about black people that were so prevalent in movies from this time period, even in movies with their hearts in the right places, are present here. The final scene of the film involves this character’s son, and it’s so striking, and so devastating, that in retrospect the entire film almost seems to be about that scene even though it has almost nothing to do with everything that’s come before it.

Michael Curtiz provides the no-frills direction.

Grade: ARead More

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