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Action / Drama
1 hr 38 min

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Plot Summary:
Alex wants to become a father. Steven, his partner, has to confront his insecurities and fear of change after a lifetime smothered by superficiality. Unable to adopt legally, but still eager to become parents, they decide to turn to the black market, adopting a child from a desperate young woman, who’s return with a dangerous new boyfriend, threatens to destroy everything they love.
Robert Chuter
Top Cast
Daniel Reader as Game Show Crowd

Liam McIntyre as Luke Delaney

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The Dream Children review

Reviewed by David_Alexander_L

8 / 10

Surprising Gay Themed Film from Australia
I watch many gay themed movies, and to be honest I was never too impressed with what Australia has to offer in that field (compare to say, Brazil, France or French-Canada). But this film is different.

The subject matter is – surprisingly – a post-gay marriage dilemma, which involves adopting and raising kids as a gay couple.

In some countries – such as Spain, Canada, USA & Israel in particular – gay adoption or surrogacy is not a new topic. However, in Australia it is, I feel, it is still a ‘hot potato’ issue, especially after watching this important film.

I have to note that the actors in this film are very well casted. It’s unusual to see two very attractive, mascular, straight acting guys playing a gay couple. They were very well placed and it helped the movie a great deal to bring this topic forward. (note – I admit I did not expect such intensive and convincing intimate scenes – it was very refreshing and honest, certainly from an Australian film).

I would highly recommend viewing this film as it is relevant and very well executed.Read More

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