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Action / Comedy / Romance
1 hr 41 min

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Plot Summary:
Bianca’s universe turns upside down when she learns that her high school refers to her as a ‘DUFF’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). Hoping to erase that label, she enlists the help of a charming jock and her favorite teacher. Together they’ll face the school’s mean girl and remind everyone that we are all someone’s DUFF… and that’s totally fine.
Ari Sandel
Top Cast
Bella Thorne as Madison

Robbie Amell as Wesley

Mae Whitman as Bianca

Allison Janney as Dottie

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The DUFF review

Reviewed by Jerique

7 / 10

A wholesome comedy
In this tale which seems to take elements from Easy A and A Walk to Remember, Bianca (Mae Whitman) is told by her long-time neighbor and classmate, Wesley (Robbie Arnell) that she is the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (or DUFF for short).

All Bianca wants is Toby, and will even help out Wesley to get that. In A Walk to Remember kind of format the unlikely friends become close and Toby is revealed to also believe in ‘the duff’ as he yearns for Jess and Casey, Bianca’s friends, in the hopes that Bianca will hook him up.

It all comes to a head with a She’s All That-esque moment close to the end of the film. It’s a low budget film, and there’s not an all-star cast. I really only recognize Mae Whitman from Scott Pilgrim, Ken Jeong, and Allison Janney. Everyone else here feels forgettable.

Although everyone fills out their roles and no one sticks out like a sore thumb, the acting is what sells the film. Mae has perfect timing for her on-the-button lines to finish off scenes. Mae is approachable, which makes Bianca approachable.

I did find some things in the film out of touch, however. In the early stages of the blossoming friendship, Bianca dances and makes a fool of herself with a mannequin at the store while Wesley does his best to be Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth. It’s revealed that Wesley’s ex is filming the whole situation and then later, Bianca accuses Wesley. It pains me how cringeworthy it is. Anyone with half a brain would realize he wouldn’t do that and it was impossible to do it without Bianca noticing. The way that the recording is done is not subtle either.

Aside from that there are sprinkles of comedic moments and quotes throughout the film. It’s light-hearted and not raunchy like American Pie can be. It’s got some taste and some brilliant jokes. Overall, it’s worth a view and anyone who enjoys teen comedies with a bit of romance won’t regret it.Read More

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