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The Dungeonmaster YTS
The Dungeonmaster YTS
Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi
1 hr 13 min

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The Dungeonmaster yts
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Plot Summary:
Paul, a computer whiz who spends more time with his machine than with his girlfriend, finds that he has been chosen as a worthy opponent for Mestema, an evil wizard who has spent centuries searching for a challenging foe. After having his computer changed into a wristband weapon, Paul does battle with a variety of monsters before finally coming face to face with the ultimate adversary.
Steven Ford
Top Cast
Richard Moll as Mestema

Phil Fondacaro as Stone Canyon People

Felix Silla as Desert Bandit

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The Dungeonmaster review

Reviewed by AlsExGal

4 / 10

Confused patchwork scifi/fantasy film from producer Charles Band
.Jeffrey Byron stars as a computer technician who, along with girlfriend Leslie Wing, gets transported to another dimension to do battle with Mestema (Richard Moll from TV’s Night Court). Mestema is a Satan-like evil wizard who wants to pit his magical prowess against the technology of the hero. He does so by transporting the newly-outfitted computer tech to various scenarios that he then has to escape from/defeat the monstrous villains in his way. These scenarios include an ice cave filled with random statuary (a wolfman, a witch doctor, Jack the Ripper) that come to life and attack him; a cave with a little horned troll on a throne who commands zombie warriors; another cave (sensing a trend here?) with yet another horned troll; another scene takes place in a nightclub during a stage performance by the hairmetal band W.A.S.P., because why not? Each segment was written and directed by different people, 7 in all, which helps explain the lack of tonal consistency. Fans of garbage 80’s genre cinema may find something to chew on, but most viewers should avoid.Read More