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The Forger YTS
The Forger YTS
Action / Drama
1 hr 34 min

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The Forger yts
The Forger movie download hd
Plot Summary:
While staying at a picturesque village, a teen encounters the underground world of art forgery.
Lawrence Roeck
Top Cast
Josh Hutcherson as Joshua

Hayden Panettiere as Amber Felter

Tricia Helfer as Sasha

Scott Eastwood as Ryan Felter

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The Forger review

Reviewed by larrys3

5 / 10

Too Contrived For My Taste
I found this film to offer mostly stilted dialogue and terribly contrived plot elements as I felt it played like a made for TV movie.

Josh Hutcherson stars as a 15 year old drifter and hustler but who has amazing artistic talent. Set in the affluent community of Carmel, California, he breaks into a house owned by an art dealer Everly Campbell, portrayed by the wonderful veteran actor Victor Molina. Wow! What a coincidence! Molina is really a dealer of forged art for high prices whose main forger has just died and he needs someone to finish forging a famous Winslow Homer painting which he can sell for millions. So with Hutcherson’s talent he’s of course the right man for the job.

Down the road lives Anne Marie Cole. played by the legendary actress Lauren Bacall, who is a famous artist in her own right but has some secrets of her own.

One of the major problems with the believability of the movie is that Hutcherson exhibits clear nearly uncontrollable impulse and anger controls, perhaps even bordering on being a sociopath. However, everyone seems to welcome into their homes, show him where their valuables are kept and have him even live there. Bacall especially, being rich, aged, and alone sees no problem in wanting him to live with her although she barely knows him. In the real world, this leads to usually serious consequences.

Even a girl who lives in the town (Hayden Panettiere) wants to perhaps have a relationship with him, even after his anger had led to two serious physical confrontations with her own brother.

The whole thing is just not credible and as mentioned way too contrived for me.Read More