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The Four 2 YTS
2013 [CHINESE]
Action / Adventure
1 hr 58 min

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The Four 2 yts
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Plot Summary:
The four constables Emotionless, Iron Hands , Life Snatcher and ColdBlood are specially skilled in their own individual super powers. When the four constables of the Divine Constabulary investigate a murder in the suburbs, they unexpectedly stumble on clues to the murder of Emotionless’s family 15 years ago.
Gordon Chan
Top Cast
Yifei Liu as Shong Yayu

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen

5 / 10

Somewhat confusing and not up to par with part 1…
I tremendously enjoyed the 2012 movie “The Four” (aka “Si da ming bu”), so I was thrilled to get to sit down and watch “Lawless Kingdom” (aka “Si da ming bu 2”), the sequel to the entertaining 2012 movie.

It turned out that the sequel wasn’t quite as good, and the reason for this was because of a very confusing character gallery. There is a heap of characters in the storyline, most of which you hardly get to form any relations to, and hardly even remember their names. And it just seemed a bit too chaotic and confusing to me. So that was definitely an anchor dragging the movie down.

The action and fighting sequences in this movie were good though, but mind you that you need to be a fan of the wire-fu martial arts movies to properly enjoy this, because they perform physical feats that are hardly nowhere near possible to perform.

They do have a good ensemble of casted actors and actresses, and it is great to see people return to reprise their characters from the 2012 “The Four” movie.

I sat through this entire movie, but I was only mildly entertained in comparison to the predecessor movie. A shame really, because it definitely had potential. And this second movie in the trilogy turned out to be as bland and mediocre as the third movie also is. Sad to say…Read More