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Action / Horror
1 hr 28 min

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Plot Summary:
The film follows John Crenshaw as he accompanies his girlfriend and her students on a weekend nature-photography expedition deep into the woods. What should be an educational and fun-filled weekend turns into horror as the group is besieged by an unspeakable evil – a horde of hideously disfigured, mutated humans with an insatiable taste for blood. As things go from bad to worse, Crenshaw becomes their only hope if they are going to get out alive.
Jared Cohn
Top Cast
Sydney Sweeney as Hailey Summers

Costas Mandylor as Cylus Atkinson

Bill Moseley as Jacob Sutter

Vernon Wells as Earl

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The Horde review

Reviewed by kosmasp

5 / 10

Tight Logan, Bad Mandylor
By that I mean that Logan has quite the … pecs! Not sure how old he is, but that body of his … respect to the man! And by bad Mandylor I’m obviously refering to the moral of his character as in evil. You may have heard of those two, you likely have heard of some other actors who only grace the screen for a small amount of time, like Don Wilson or Bill Moseley. Easy money I assume for them and something to recognize for the viewers who care.

The movie is not really good overall, very predictable, not the best fight choreography and all that. But it also is not the worst thing I’ve seen (and not just because I just finished watching cats … that’s a different story alltogether) … not even close. Logan seems to have a signature kick move, it’s been a while since I last saw a movie of his. Anyway, if you are into B-movie stuff, you might find something interesting for you. A beautiful location for example all things considered.Read More

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