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Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / War
2 hr 10 min

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Plot Summary:
Miguel, a heroic Spanish doctor, puts himself in harm’s way to deliver medical treatment to the victims of military uprisings in Africa.
Sean Penn
Top Cast
Charlize Theron as Wren

Adèle Exarchopoulos as Ellen

Javier Bardem as Miguel Leon

Merritt Wever as Marie

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The Last Face review

Reviewed by thinkMovies

8 / 10

We did this
There have been many, many awful movies through the ages, all critiqued as such here at IMDB and by professional critics too -But none that I remember was critiqued with such vitriol and, dare I say hatred, as this one.

But it’s not this movie that is bad… what’s bad is for Americans and Europeans to switch to hateful anger against anything that shows them Africa for what we, westerners, have turned it into.

Sean Penn’s The Last Face, with South African Charlize Theron and Spaniard Javier Bardem is no Lawrence of Arabia meets Ryan’s Daughter on the Bridge on the River Kwai, hence the eight stars instead of ten. But it is an absolutely competently-made, perfectly convincing, realistic, well-staged, intuitively photographed, honest mirror upon which to gaze at mere snippets of what we have done in Africa -so that we may then break the mirror in denial, yelling bad direction and infantile script. No, sorry, this is a good movie, medium rare instead of well-done and, medium rare is always best when it comes to tasting the blood of something we’ve killed.

I am not surprised Theron gave such a great performance, as I hear she does care about the continent she’s from and the issues there. It was great hearing her speak English, for once, with her real South African accent. Bardem brought the western Mediterranean vulnerable macho to the table. Excellent choice, both, for white-western Doctors in the African savage civil wars. What did surprise me was that an American actor like Sean Penn should have such a profound understanding of what Americans don’t see and would have the directorial skill to be subtle about holding our heads to look at it whether we like it or not. Do Sean a favor and keep the volume on high so you can hear what they’re whispering to each other at night, just so you can jump out of your seat at the first very loud burst of machine gun fire and explosives.

The love story did not look to me like a “movie prerequisite”, unfitting to the subject matter. It felt completely natural and real, and the narration would have felt false without it: it was needed. Both doctors needed it in order to survive what they were witnessing on a daily basis for years. And it was honest. Sure, sure, the lines were not Shakespeare, but real people don’t speak like poet laureates or award-winning script writers in real life.

Oh, and the atrocities were not overdone, or “refugee porn” like someone called it: The imagery and actions were still pretty tame and movie-rating accessible compared to what’s really going on in Sierra Leone and South Sudan.

I recommend this as great movie to watch and I am wondering whether I should stop short of calling it an Important movie. Nope, I think it may well be an important one.Read More

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