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The Legend of Billie Jean Movie Download

The Legend of Billie Jean YTS
The Legend of Billie Jean YTS
Action / Drama
1 hr 36 min

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The Legend of Billie Jean yts
The Legend of Billie Jean movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Average Texas teen, Billie Jean Davy, is caught up in an odd fight for justice. She is usually followed and harrased around by local boys, who, one day, decide to trash her brother’s scooter for fun. The boys’ father refuses to pay them back the price of the scooter. The fight for “fair is fair” takes the teens around the state and produces an unlikely hero.
Matthew Robbins
Top Cast
Christian Slater as Binx

Helen Slater as Billie Jean

Peter Coyote as Ringwald

Keith Gordon as Lloyd

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The Legend of Billie Jean review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

6 / 10

must be taken as camp
Billie Jean (Helen Slater) lives in a Texas trailer park with her brother best friend Binx (Christian Slater). Local bully Hubie picks on them. He steals Binx’s scooter and then trashes it while beating up Binx. Detective Ringwald (Peter Coyote) brushes Billie Jean off. She goes to get the money herself. Hubie’s dad lures her upstairs and tries to rape her. Meanwhile Binx finds a gun in the cash register. The gun goes off accidentally and Hubie’s dad is shot. Billy Jean, Binx, friends Putter (Yeardley Smith) and Ophelia (Martha Gehman) go on the run and become legends as she fights for “fair is fair”. They break-in and befriends horror-fan weirdo Lloyd (Keith Gordon) who volunteers to be their hostage. He turns out to be the son of District Attorney Muldaur (Dean Stockwell).

It is fun and energetic. It’s not subtle. Richard Bradford is being a super villain. There is a lot of silliness going on. It has no believability. Yeardley Smith is ridiculous. But it’s a fun campy 80s movie and there are stuff to like about it. Helen Slater and Peter Coyote are great at their roles. It’s no surprise that they’re the only two reasonable characters in the whole movie. Although Helen Slater striking that pose is hilarious. The movie tries to say something about girl empowerment with the Joan of Arc theme but the movie can’t be taken seriously.Read More