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Plot Summary:
Jane Marple solves the mystery when a local woman is poisoned and a visiting movie star seems to have been the intended victim.
Guy Hamilton
Top Cast
Pierce Brosnan as Actor playing ‘Jamie’

Angela Lansbury as Miss Marple

Elizabeth Taylor as Marina Rudd

Kim Novak as Lola Brewster

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The Mirror Crack’d review

Reviewed by Doylenf

5 / 10

Not the best of Christie’s works but Taylor and Novak as catty rivals are fun…
THE MIRROR CRACK’D gives some fine stars at the tail end of their careers something worthwhile to chew on–a good script and some gorgeous Bririth scenery substituting for the little town of St. Mary Mead where most of the action takes place.

The choicest bits of dialog go to ELIZABETH TAYLOR and KIM NOVAK as catty rivals who find themselves co-starring in a new film to be produced by Novak’s husband, TONY CURTIS and directed by Taylor’s husband, ROCK HUDSON. Also involved, of course, is ANGELA LANSBURY, as the famous sleuth, Miss Marple, who has a funny bit at the film’s start where she attends a screening of a murder mystery where the film breaks down. To the disappointed audience, she tells the rest of the plot which she has figured out.

When a local girl is murdered, it’s up to Miss Marple to solve the real-life mystery. Though slow in developing its storyline, it’s interesting to note that an incident that occurred to movie star Gene Tierney is incorporated into the plot as an important clue.

Fans of Christie will most likely come away from this one recalling the catfight remarks between Taylor (getting a little hefty here) and Novak (still streamlined enough). Other than that, the only member of the supporting cast that really stands out is EDWARD FOX as Inspector Craddock, Miss Marple’s nephew, who finds himself doing most of the legwork when Miss Marple becomes ill.

Interesting but certainly not the best of Christie, lacking the usual amount of taut suspense one expects in any murder mystery.Read More