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The Mountain YTS
The Mountain YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama
1 hr 45 min

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The Mountain yts
The Mountain movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Selfish Chris Teller pressures his older brother, a retired climber, to accompany him on a treacherous Alpine climb to loot the bodies of plane crash victims.
Edward Dmytryk
Top Cast
Robert Wagner as Christopher ‘Chris’ Teller

William Demarest as Father Belacchi

Spencer Tracy as Zachary Teller

Richard Arlen as C. W. Rivial

The Mountain 1956 720p.BluRay

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1 hr 45 min
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The Mountain review

Reviewed by moonspinner55

6 / 10

Thoroughly engaging adventure tale…
In a small village at the base of the Alpine mountains, a greedy young man–tired of living poorly with his elderly brother on a sheep farm–talks his sibling into climbing one of the highest peaks to raid a doomed Indian aircraft of its gold. Engrossing story from Henri Troyat’s novel is genuinely beautiful to behold in color-saturated VistaVision. Critics at the time complained about the interspersing of on-location footage with studio shots, as well as the age difference between brothers Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner. Poor Tracy (already well into his golden years) seems pressed to the breaking point in this physical role, while scowling mercenary Wagner is one-note obstinate throughout. Still, Tracy’s work is so fluid, so compassionate and believable, one gets caught up in this saga despite the picture’s weaker attributes. Expository early scenes and other minor characters are practically irrelevant, and cinematographer Franz F. Planer captures it all with astute grace. **1/2 from ****Read More

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