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The Ouija Experiment Movie Download

The Ouija Experiment YTS
The Ouija Experiment YTS
Action / Horror
1 hr 32 min

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The Ouija Experiment yts
The Ouija Experiment movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Based on true events, five friends who fall prey to the evil entities of the Ouija board. As they set about filming their experimental session, what starts out as bit of fun, soon escalates into a terrifying series of events as paranoia and personal demons are revealed…. and recorded.
Israel Luna
Top Cast

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The Ouija Experiment review

Reviewed by nogodnomasters

6 / 10

This is a hand held camera film about a group of people filming themselves “playing” with a Ouija board. Michael (Justin Armstrong) owns the board. He is joined by his friend Calvin, a player (Eric Window), Cal’s latest girlfriend Shay (Belmarie Huynh) and Calvin’s sister L’nette (Swisyzinna Moore). This is all being filmed by Brandon (Carson Underwood) for his web site, although it appears everyone owns a camera.

The board of course contacts spirits. Shay asks the board questions about Calvin and his other girlfriends and gets an answer only Michael, who has his finger on the pointer, would know. Meanwhile Brandon looks up the names of the people mentioned by the board.

The film is based on the idea that the Ouija board can act as a portal between the two worlds if you don’t hang up, or in this case say “good-bye.” According to my occult knowledge, that is not exactly true. However black mirrors if uncovered are supposed to supply a portal for spirits.

I liked the idea of the film, maybe because it is a common theme done so many times before. In this particular production, it was not done well. The dialouge was fairly bad. There was wasted footage of people playing around. Seeing a Ouija board pointer move is a let down after we have seen a pool crawler get out of the water. Yes, we do see ghosts and there is a flashback to their lives.

I don’t recommend this film unless you are really really into the hand held filming.

Parental Guide: No F-bombs that I recall. Some adult talk. Brief male rear nudity (Eric Window). No sex.Read More