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The Party YTS
The Party YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama
1 hr 11 min

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The Party yts
The Party movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Various individuals think they’re coming together for a party in a private home, but a series of revelations results in a huge crisis that throws their belief systems – and their values – into total disarray.
Sally Potter
Top Cast
Cillian Murphy as Tom

Emily Mortimer as Jinny

Timothy Spall as Bill

Patricia Clarkson as April

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The Party review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

4 / 10

Liberals are the worst
Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) has been appointed an opposition minister. Her dying husband Bill (Timothy Spall) is bitter. They’re hosting a small dinner party. Her cynical friend April (Patricia Clarkson) has brought new-age healer Gottfried (Bruno Ganz). Martha (Cherry Jones) and pregnant Jinny (Emily Mortimer) are a lesbian couple. Janet’s underling’s husband Tom (Cillian Murphy) is a finance guy and has come alone with a gun and drugs.

This is a black and white arthouse film from British filmmaker Sally Potter. It’s very stagey. These people are two dimensional. Maybe it’s the black and white but they feel manufactured. The writing is melodramatic. At one point, I’d figure that Martha and Jinny would storm out of the party but they stay for no discernable reason other than they need to stay for the script. It would help a lot to give each one of these character a more expansive introduction. There is plenty of time considering the film is only seventy minutes. I’m not even sure where this takes place. Is this America? Are they British without the English accent? All I know is that these are all the worst, self-obsessed Liberals. It’s not terribly funny. It could be satirical if this uncovers a deeper truth. Whatever that is.Read More

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