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The Pirate Fairy Movie Download

The Pirate Fairy YTS
The Pirate Fairy YTS
Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy
1 hr 18 min

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The Pirate Fairy yts
The Pirate Fairy movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Zarina, a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy who’s captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities, flees Pixie Hollow and joins forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock, who make her captain of their ship. Tinker Bell and her friends must embark on an epic adventure to find Zarina, and together they go sword-to-sword with the band of pirates led by a cabin boy named James, who’ll soon be known as Captain Hook himself.
Peggy Holmes
Top Cast
Tom Hiddleston as James

Christina Hendricks as Zarina

Anjelica Huston as Queen Clarion

Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell

The Pirate Fairy 2014 720p.BluRay

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1 hr 18 min
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The Pirate Fairy 2014 1080p.BluRay

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The Pirate Fairy review

Reviewed by gavin6942

5 / 10

Pretty Boring
When Zarina (Christina Hendricks) steals Pixie Hollow’s Blue Pixie Dust and flies away, Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her friends sets on a journey to get them back.

Maybe if you happen to be a kid this movie is a lot of fun, but it just really did not appeal to me. I liked the use of “Fairy Gary”, which seemed like a not-so-subtle joke. And a Captain Hook story from before he was Hook… that is okay, I guess. But overall, this just seems like another forgettable Disney film.

And I say maybe this is fun if you are a kid, but I actually watched it with a kid. She got up and walked out of the room. So, maybe it is just not all that entertaining to begin with.Read More

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