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The Sandlot Movie Download

The Sandlot YTS
The Sandlot YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Sport
1 hr 41 min

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The Sandlot yts
The Sandlot movie download hd
Plot Summary:
During a summer of friendship and adventure, one boy becomes a part of the gang, nine boys become a team and their leader becomes a legend by confronting the terrifying mystery beyond the right field wall.
David M. Evans
Top Cast
Marley Shelton as Wendy

Karen Allen as Mom

James Earl Jones as Mr. Mertle

Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot

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The Sandlot review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

8 / 10

Not just a kids movie. It’s a great movie.
Scotty Smalls is the new kid in the idyllic small town with his mom and stepdad. He’s an awkward kid who wants to play baseball with neighborhood kids. There were 8 of them, and he hoped to be the ninth. Their best player Benny Rodriquez takes Smalls under his wing. Over the summer, the group has great childhood adventures together. It all culminates to a story of a lost baseball signed by Babe Ruth and a feared dog named the Beast.

This is more than just a kids movie. You can easily overdose on the innocence of it all. There is the group of kids. They are perfectly casted with amazing chemistry. Each one is an iconic child type. As a period piece, they picked an era just before the world goes into revulsion. In the sport of baseball, they have accentuated the childhood love of the game.

This is a kids movie for the whole family. That’s not a cliché. It has the feel of a timeless classic.Read More