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Action / Drama / Game-Show / Thriller

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Plot Summary:
An unsettling look at reality television, where a disturbing game show has its contestants ending their lives for the public’s enjoyment.
Giancarlo Esposito
Top Cast
Famke Janssen as Ilana Katz

James Franco as Male Host

Josh Duhamel as Adam Rogers

Giancarlo Esposito as Mason Washington

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The Show review

Reviewed by lavatch

1 / 10

The (Ghoulish) Show Must Go On
In the behind-the-scenes segment of the DVD version of “The Show,” the director Giancarlo Esposito described this disturbing film as “an unflinching look at reality television.” One of the performers described it as “a critique of pop culture.” But the film artists never seemed to grasp how the unpleasant and depressing subject matter would be and that the end result is a complete turn-off to audiences.

The conceit of the film is that of an outrageous reality television program called “This is Your Death,” which features contestants who die violent deaths through suicide on live broadcasts. In what the film’s director called “a morality tale,” the film sought to raise consciousness about today’s tawdry television programs. But however one approaches this film, it is a ghoulish string of lurid deaths that have no redeeming or entertainment value.

In 1976, the Academy-award-winning film “Network” offered a satirical look at the crass commercialism of television. A news anchor has a mental breakdown on live television, and the network decides to keep him on the air to boost the ratings. It was the humor that made “Network” a thoughtful critique of the nasty business of the media. By contrast, in “The Show,” there was no levity to counter the grisly death scenes.

Famke Janssen played the role of one of the producers of “This is Your Death.” In the bonus track of the DVD, Janssen asserted the lead producer of the show “doesn’t have a choice” but to go ahead with the unthinkable television show that destroys people’s lives. A major point apparently lost on the film artists was that the producers, the host, the studio audience, and the viewers at home all had a choice whether or not to be complicit in a barbaric form of popular entertainment.

Early in the film, one character described in Yiddish the nature of the exploitative program “This is Your Death” as a “schmatta” business. Schmatta means “rag” or “of poor quality.” The term was a perfect expression for everyone involved in “The Show” who apparently felt that the idea of televised suicides is a viable idea for a film.Read More

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