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The Specialist Movie Download

The Specialist YTS
The Specialist YTS
Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller
1 hr 50 min

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The Specialist yts
The Specialist movie download hd
Plot Summary:
May Munro is a woman obsessed with getting revenge on the people who murdered her parents when she was still a girl. She hires Ray Quick, a retired explosives expert to kill her parent’s killers. When Ned Trent, embittered ex-partner of Quick’s is assigned to protect one of Quick’s potential victims, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.
Luis Llosa
Top Cast
Sylvester Stallone as Ray Quick

Sharon Stone as May Munro

Eric Roberts as Tomas Leon

Ray Buffer as Innocent Bystander

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The Specialist review

Reviewed by bkoganbing

6 / 10

An independent and a loose cannon
Sylvester Stallone is an explosives expert who contracts out his work after leaving the CIA when his superior James Woods callously killed some innocents on a South American job. Stallone before he left the agency got the demented Woods canned. Both are at large now, Stallone is an independent Woods just a loose cannon.

Sharon Stone hires Stallone because of his precision hits with explosives, not an easy thing to do. She wants three Cuban gangsters killed as they killed her parents while she as a child watched. One of the three is Eric Roberts the son of Cuban Mafia capo Rod Steiger.

Wouldn’t you know it Woods is now working for Steiger and he’s got his own agenda. He recognizes Stallone’s signature and Steiger who has the Miami PD bought and paid for go to work assisting Woods track down Stallone. As for Stone she has her own agenda as well. But is gets nice and personal with Sly and Sharon.

Stallone fans should be pleased with The Specialist. It has enough explosive charm for anyone who likes to see things go boom. As for acting honors they go to James Woods who has a knack for playing deranged and callous characters. A villain you love to hate.

One might become a Stallone fan after seeing The Specialist.Read More

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