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Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
1 hr 46 min

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Plot Summary:
When her child goes missing, a mother looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children.
Pascal Laugier
Top Cast
Jessica Biel as Julia Denning

Jodelle Ferland as Jenny

Samantha Ferris as Tracy

Eve Harlow as Christine

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The Tall Man review

Reviewed by IMDbKeepsDeletingMyReviews

8 / 10

Don’t believe the rating here
This is not a cheap URBAN LEGENDS rip-off for simpletons – which is what drove those simpletons to give this film a rating that criminally underrepresents this very fine film.

Blame the marketing as well. The tagline “Fear takes a new shape” is completely misleading, and I bet the trailer did the same thing. I guess film studios don’t really trust simpletons to understand a slightly more complex film like this one, probably rightfully so. But still – it’s not right to misrepresent your product like that, and you can expect to get low ratings from dumb people. You could say that this is a problem that has more than one side to it.

And this is exactly what this film is doing. It puts you in a position to think about what you just saw instead of just throwing stupid jump scares at you. It’s a well-constructed story that will keep you guessing until the end, and that’s something you don’t get very often, especially nowadays.

So just believe an old movie veteran and watch THE TALL MAN. It’s extraordinarily well done, well-acted, well-paced and well-directed, and you won’t regret it. And that’s no marketing lie.Read More

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