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The Wind and the Lion Movie Download

The Wind and the Lion YTS
The Wind and the Lion YTS
Action / Adventure / Drama
1 hr 59 min

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The Wind and the Lion yts
The Wind and the Lion movie download hd
Plot Summary:
At the beginning of the 20th century an American woman is abducted in Morocco by Berbers, and the attempts to free her range from diplomatic pressure to military intervention.
John Milius
Top Cast
Sean Connery as Raisuli

Candice Bergen as Eden Pedecaris

Geoffrey Lewis as Gummere

John Huston as John Hay

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The Wind and the Lion review

Reviewed by poolandrews

6 / 10

Handsomely mounted adventure film.
The Wind and the Lion starts in Tangier in Morocco on October 15 1904 where an American woman named Eden Pedecaris (Candice Bergen) & her two young children Jennifer (Polly Gottesman) & William (Simon Harrison) are kidnapped by the gang of men lead by Moroccan rebel Mulay Hamid El Raisuli (Sean Connery) the Lord of the Rif, Sultan to the Berbers & the last of the Barbary Pirates. Word of the kidnapping gets back to President Theodore Roosevelt (Brain Keith) who decides to use the situation as a show of strength & issues the ultimatum ‘Pedecaris alive or Raisuli dead’. As the struggle for power in the Middle East & Morocco wages between the Europeans, the Americans & the Moroccan people Raisuli & Pedercaris become pawns, they become symbols of war & what to fight for or against as the Middle East sees in the beginning of the 20th Century in turbulent fashion…

Written & directed by John Milius this historical adventure is loosely based on real events but in essence is a fictional work, whether you like The Wind and the Lion will probably depend on how much you enjoy period adventure films. Of course the fact that the film is partly about an American war against Middle Eastern extremist’s who kidnap people & demand a ransom has parallels to what’s happening right now in the real world, doesn’t it? The character’s are well written & likable, it’s odd to see Sean Connery play an Arab Sultan but he has great charisma & screen presence although it’s rather inevitable that Pedecaris will fall for his roguish behaviour, sense of honour & conviction in his beliefs while it’s also just as inevitable that Raisuli will fall for her strength, independence & good looks in the obligatory romance subplot. The film has an uneven pace & tone, it flips between Raisuli, Roosevelt in America, lots of political wrangling & some good old fashioned fighting without a totally clear direction. It’s a good film but I just wish it didn’t last quite as long & it didn’t come to a grinding halt every five minutes for a speech of some sort, whether it’s Roosevelt in America talking about Grizzly Bears or Raisuli in Morocco spouting another cryptic proverb. I mean I just think it might have flowed a bit better had it not been so bogged down in politics & philosophising. The Wind and the Lion is good film but I did get bored by it by the end, it is a little predictable & the story could have been a little bit more focused.

Director Milius does a fine job here, the film looks wonderful from start to finish with exemplary production design, costumes & locations. A lot of time is spent during The Wind and the Lion setting the scene & really making the viewer feel they are watching something that did indeed take place at the start of the last century. The film can also be quite violent at times, there’s plenty of death, shootings, a severed tongue, a couple of executions & some nicely choreographed action scenes. Some people seem to think the horse were abused during the making of The Wind of the Lion, the film has never been released on any home video format here in the UK because the BBFC demanded cuts to several horse falls to which director Milius reacted angrily to & stopped the planned release since all who were involved with the making of it say no animals were hurt at all. To be honest I didn’t see anything that concerned me at all.

With a supposed budget of about $4,000,000 The Wind and the Lion looks great throughout with top class production values & meticulous attention to detail. Set in Morocco but filmed largely in Spain. The acting is good especially Sean Connery.

The Wind and the Lion is a visual treat for anyone who likes their films set in the past, it looks great throughout & there are some nice action scenes but the story doesn’t hold up that well & it’s far too long for my liking. Good but not great & I doubt I would want to see it again anytime soon.Read More