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This Means War YTS
This Means War YTS
Action / Comedy / Romance
1 hr 43 min

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This Means War yts
This Means War movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.
Top Cast
Tom Hardy as Tuck

Abigail Spencer as Katie

Reese Witherspoon as Lauren

Emilie Ullerup as Ex-Girlfriend

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This Means War review

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv

5 / 10

This means war, honestly means awful.
I’m mad about this Spy Vs Spy movie. Directed by McG, the romantic comedy spy film is just blatantly sexist, barf-inducing movie. The movie is about two CIA agents, Tuck Hansen (Tom Hardy) and Franklin ‘FDR’ Foster (Chris Pine) who are best friends whom discovered that they are dating the same woman, Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon) forcing a childish immature love triangle. Each man takes turns trying to ruin the other man’s date using high-tech spying and weaponry in unfunny ways. That’s our tax dollars, people! We’ve paying for two guys trying to cock-block each other. Also, neither of them face serious consequences for their wasting of government property. Chris Pine’s character comes off as an arrogant womanizer that seem no different than his recent previous roles. It’s nothing new. It’s just while 2009’s Star Trek, James T. Kirk had some strengths and some morals limits. This guy had none and you felt it. He totally lied to her about everything from his interests on, to low trick to make her have pity for him. This character is just slimy. Tom Hardy seem out of place, as the supposedly normal likable guy. Honestly, this actor is a great character actor, and he seem limited as hell in this role. Badly miscast. Also, what type of spy join a social network site when people trying to kill him, to find love, anyways? James Bond, he isn’t. Reese Witherspoon’s character is less of a person, and more like a prize, whom Reese had to act so dumb that she couldn’t see the creepiest that both men are showing, throughout the film. Also, she just as unlikeable, with seeing both guys behind each other’ backs the whole time without telling them and using them for eye candy in front of her ex. What a two-timer! She makes really bad shallow decisions throughout the film that is so irritating. Wow, who knew stalking and invasion of privacy could be so “romantic”? This whole concept is creepy as hell. This movie was no 1996’s True Lies with a similar premise. The different between James Cameron’s True Lies and this movie is that the main character has a reason to spy on her, because he has a feeling that she was cheating on him. Franklin ‘FDR” Foster and Tuck Hansen has no reason to, because both know each other are dating her, and one of them, even tries to back down so the other could date her. The movie feels like a movie that was really trying to Rated R, but was shoehorn into being PG-13 with its sex humor. A lot of this unfunny humor comes from supporting character, Trish (Chelsea Handler) who for the most part of the film is annoying as hell. There is a lot of extended cuts of just Trish spitting out the worst guidance. Glad, they cut most of her scenes out. There is also additional spy gigs that were delete. An extended cut consists of the ‘fake family scene’, in which Tuck Henson pays a few actors to play his family in order to impress Lauren was one of them. It was a bit awkward for PG-13. There’s a lot of weird dark Patriot Act humor in this movie as well. Such in the case of the torture scene, in which the two main guys torture a guy, while talking about how they will win, over Lauren. WTF!? It’s just as bad, as shooting a drone scene. Honestly, the only time, I really did laugh was the paintball scene. The action scenes are some of the worst. The shots are cut too fast as you can barely see what is happening. The worst had to be the car chase scene toward the end, where the editing was just below standards with jump cut from scenes in a parking lot to scenes in a freeway settling. There is reasons for that, as the movie cut a lot of scenes for test screenings or scenes being too gross or dark, with one being a scene at the abandoned warehouse. The movie release has three different alternate endings: either Lauren choosing neither; Lauren choosing FDR or Lauren choosing Tuck. I wish, there was a version of Lauren choosing to die. That’s the version, I like to see. The movie had a number of rewrites. At one time, the film was tailored for two African-American comic actors. It was full of offending ridiculous urban slang. I’m at less, glad, the script is not as bad as it used to be. Overall: It was just a poor excuse of an action romantic comedy. Not worth the watch, unless you got nothing else to watch. It was terrible. Watch 1997’s True Lies. That one work the concept better.Read More