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Plot Summary:
Handsome but backward gardener Tim Melville has a new woman in his life. She is Mary, his widowed employer, a woman who had given up on love until she had found Tim. At first they are friends. But soon they become lovers, as Mary, drawn to Tim’s innocence and magnetism, begins to teach him all about life – and love.
Michael Pate
Top Cast
Mel Gibson as Tim Melville

Piper Laurie as Mary Horton

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Tim review

Reviewed by juneebuggy

8 / 10

Low budget Australian film with a lot of heart
I actually really enjoyed this. Its a simple, sweet movie with fantastic acting from all involved. The fact that it was made in 1979 only makes it that much more fun to watch. Mel Gibson (in one of his earliest roles) is VERY nice to look at (remember “that” Mel) and he spends most of the movie smiling while running around in Stubbies and a singlet (American translation wee, wee Magnum PI shorts and a tank top) we even get a speedo at one point.

The story follows a middle aged American woman (played brilliantly by Piper Laurie) who hires a simple minded handyman, 24 year old “Tim” as her gardener. The two develop a friendship, she teaches him to read and takes him on trips to the beach.

Their relationship eventually turns romantic following the death of Tim’s mother. At first Mary denies her feelings, Tim experiences jealousy and then his father asks Mary to look after Tim when he passes.

I really enjoyed the family dynamic here, both of the parents were fantastic, just great acting in this, and I fell a bit in love with Alwyn Kurts who played Tim’s father. There is also a neat scene with Mary reading The Thorn Birds (Tim was based on a novel by Colleen McCullough) as well as all of the cups of tea and middies of beer at the pub, true blue. This was A bit of a gem actually. 11/4/15Read More

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