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Topper YTS
Topper YTS
Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance
1 hr 37 min

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Topper yts
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Plot Summary:
Madcap couple George and Marion Kerby are killed in an automobile accident. They return as ghosts to try and liven up the regimented lifestyle of their friend and bank president, Cosmo Topper. When Topper starts to live it up, it strains relations with his stuffy wife.
Norman Z. McLeod
Top Cast
Cary Grant as George Kerby

Arthur Lake as Elevator Boy

Lana Turner as Nightclub Patron

Hoagy Carmichael as Hoagy – Piano Player

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Topper review

Reviewed by MartinHafer

6 / 10

Mildly amusing,…but it should have been a lot better
Considering that this film supposedly starred Cary Grant, I sure was expecting a lot more from the film. That’s because during the later 30s and early 40s, he was the best screwball comedy actor–period. These movies such as THE AWFUL TRUTH, BRINGING UP BABY, MY FAVORITE WIFE, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE and HIS GIRL Friday are all classics and I expected TOPPER to be in the same league as these other wonderful films. However, being a HUGE Cary Grant fan, I was very disappointed to see that special effects and Roland Winters as well as Constance Bennett strongly overshadowed his performance–not just because the focus was mostly on them but because they also got a lot more screen time. It’s odd, as the movie began with plenty of Grant, but midway through it seemed as if he got sick or went on vacation and they finished the movie by including him only here and there. Now Winters and Bennett were kind of amusing, but using them instead of Grant is sort of like eating Spaghetti-Os instead of Fillet Mignon! Now as for the plot, I am sure that many found it funny. However, I was NOT one of them. After a short time, all the ghost gags and hi-jinx just seemed forced and dopey–sort of like a movie just for kids. Seeing Bennett and Grant as ghosts was funny for a little while (though very contrived) but just wasn’t enough to sustain a film. So, overall it’s a mildly amusing film and that is really all. Fans of Grant will no doubt feel a little let down.Read More

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