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Plot Summary:
After their car breaks down, a group of young travelers find themselves stranded at a roadside museum run by the mysterious Mr. Slausen and populated by his collection of supernatural mannequins.
David Schmoeller
Top Cast
Linnea Quigley as Mannequin

Tanya Roberts as Becky

Shailar Coby as Davey

Jocelyn Jones as Molly

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Tourist Trap review

Reviewed by Woodyanders

9 / 10

A marvelously odd & eerie 70’s drive-in horror favorite
One of the oddest, most strikingly eerie and creepy horror films to come out of the 70’s, “Tourist Trap” even by the loose, free-wheeling, convention-defying “anything goes” standards of its time rates as a real weirdie. Yet, it’s the picture’s very strangeness — a masterfully mounted uncanny atmosphere of pervasively off-kilter supernatural dread which from the get-go registers as powerfully spooky and becomes more increasingly opaque and frightening as the film progresses, offering up ample shocks amid a few scattered moments of surreally lovely dream-like elegance and ending on a bitterly ironic, crushingly nihilistic note with a haunting final image that’s hard to shake — which makes it such a unique and singularly unnerving experience.

Five teenagers traveling through the desolate California desert by car get hopelessly lost. They stumble across “Slausen’s Lost Oasis,” a seedy, rundown roadside dive that’s one part gas station, three parts crummy wax museum, and all parts ratty and foreboding. The joint’s lonely, seemingly friendless and harmless owner Slausen (juicily overplayed with infectiously hammy brio by Chuck Conners) turns out to be a deranged psychic killer with lethal telekinetic powers. Slausen brings his freaky assortment of uncomfortably human-like mannequins to life and picks off the kids one by one so he can add them to his ever-growing collection of victims.

Director David (“Puppermaster,” “The Arrival”) Schmoeller adeptly wrings every last ounce of tension he can squeeze from the pleasingly ambiguous and open-ended script he co-wrote with J. Larry Carroll. (Said script’s stubborn refusal to provide some rational excuse for all the bizarre stuff which transpires throughout the movie, often wrongly criticized as one of the film’s principal weaknesses, is actually the movie’s key strength, giving the picture the scary, anything-and-everything-can-happen, common-logic-be-damned quality of a true nightmare come horrifically to life which never would have been achieved if there was some kind of credible explanation offered for what’s happening.) Pino Donaggio’s beautifully chilling, understated score, Nicholas von Sternberg’s shadowy cinematography, and Robert A. Burns’ grubby, cramped production design add immensely to the film’s profoundly unsettling mood. Excellent performances are another significant plus, with the pretty, perky Jocelyn Jones (Ellie-Jo Turner in “The Great Texas Dynamite Chase”) particularly fine and personable as the most resilient and sympathetic of the endangered teens. Even Tanya Roberts fares well as a luckless lass who has a knife levitated into her head. Offbeat and unusual, “Tourist Trap” is well worth visiting.Read More