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Action / Thriller
1 hr 26 min

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Plot Summary:
For three US Border Patrol agents, the contents of one car reveal an insidious plot within their own ranks. The next 24 hours may cost them their lives.
Greg Kwedar
Top Cast
Alex Knight as Man in car

Johnny Simmons as Benjamin Davis

Clifton Collins Jr. as Lou Hobbs

Will Brittain as Agent Hendricks

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Transpecos review

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen

6 / 10

Turned out to be quite good…
“Transpecos” was a movie that I wasn’t even familiar with prior to finding it. I picked it up and was somewhat intrigued by the synopsis. But it was actually more of the cast that won me over, and I decided to watch it.

This is a wholesome entertaining movie, with a storyline that had some appeal and some depth to it.

It was definitely the amazing performances by Clifton Collins Jr., Gabriel Luna and Johnny Simmons that kept the movie interesting.

The storyline in “Transpecos” was somewhat predictable though, but straightforward and entertaining enough.

I can warmly recommend that you take the time to sit down and watch “Transpecos” if you haven’t already seen it. I was genuinely surprised and entertained by what I saw here.Read More

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