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Plot Summary:
An unprecedented series of violent tornadoes is sweeping across Oklahoma. Tornado chasers, headed by Dr. Jo Harding, attempt to release a groundbreaking device that will allow them to track them and create a more advanced warning system. They are joined by Jo’s soon to be ex-husband Bill, a former tornado chaser himself, and his girlfriend Melissa.
Jan de Bont
Top Cast
Alan Ruck as Robert ‘Rabbit’ Nurick

Jami Gertz as Dr. Melissa Reeves

Alexa PenaVega as Jo Harding age 6

Cary Elwes as Dr. Jonas Miller

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Twister review

Reviewed by mark.waltz

6 / 10

A big crowd pleading blockbuster hideous dinosaur of a fun bad movie.
I’ll watch this again when cows fly. Yes indeed, flying cows, idiot scientists chasing tornadoes down Oklahoma dirt roads, a lovable Auntie Em High character who had towels until she served everybody steak and eggs for breakfasts, an urban legend concerning a movie drive-in theater, a Contraption dentist shoved up a tornado’s butt name Dorothy add a dog in the opening scene that looks like Toto. What more could you want in a summer blockbuster? Taco where they are very friendly with each other, but soon to be exposed beams vapid fiancee who is completely out of place in the midwest, and twin tornados that I’m surprised they didn’t nickname Minneapolis and St. Paul. Oh, did I mention that they were flying cows?

You’ve got a bunch of teenagers watching The Shining on a drive in screen while Helen Hunt’s beloved aunt, Lois Smith, watches Judy Garland and James Mason in “A Star is Born”. This film has so much camp that it’s impossible not to love it. Hunt is separated from husband bill paxton, but they are obviously still very close, one of the few times I’ve seen a couple divorcing in recent film history (fairly recent that is) where the ex-wife to be wasn’t a shrew and where the soap opera of that divorce to be didn’t dominate the film. Had other film producers followed the lead of this summer blockbuster, we would have been spared a ton of vapid Family characters in other disaster films such as “The Day After Tomorrow”, “San Andreas” and “2012”, not to mention all those hideously bad Asylum films.

Certainly, as far as they are as scientists, hunt and Paxton are not the brightest tcole with common sense as they literally get under the tornadoes, something that would instantly kill others, especially if they smashed into a cow at 100 miles an hour. Jami Gertz plays the most vapid, idiotic character, obviously a big city working girl who is just extremely shallow in nature and has to realize that she’ll never win Paxton’s love as long as Hunt is around. The big-hearted character played by Lois Smith is a wonderful part for the veteran stage actress, who was still working in 2020, becoming the oldest Tony winner in history. I really wanted to see more of her. When she declares, “I’m going to drive myself” after being pulled out of her collapse house, I just wanted to hug her.

This probably is the best disaster film of the past 30 years, although a few of the ones that I mentioned above had great disaster sequences. But even though I hate the trope of marital issues guiding the background of films like this, here it worked. The special effects are phenomenal and the use of intended humor does make the film fly by. As ridiculous as the two lead characters are, it’s impossible not to root for them. It’s a film that I had fun laughing at yet cheering along, add in paying tribute to the cows who flew across the highways or ended up on everybody’s plates at Smith’s farm, I give this two hooves up.Read More