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Action / Crime / Thriller
2 hr 11 min

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Plot Summary:
U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard is accompanying a plane load of convicts from Chicago to New York. The plane crashes spectacularly, and Mark Sheridan escapes. But when Diplomatic Security Agent John Royce is assigned to help Gerard recapture Sheridan, it becomes clear that Sheridan is more than just another murderer.
Stuart Baird
Top Cast
Robert Downey Jr. as Special Agent John Royce

Tommy Lee Jones as Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

Joe Pantoliano as Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro

Wesley Snipes as Mark J. Sheridan / Warren / Roberts

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U.S. Marshals review

Reviewed by rupie

7 / 10

pretty good followup
Okay, so “U.S.Marshalls” is basically just a remake of “The Fugitive”. As such, it received lukewarm to cool reviews when it was in the theaters, unjustifiedly so, I think. Although the plot line is a ripoff of the earlier movie, this one does well in keeping us in suspense as to the story behind the central character, and the action is exciting and well-paced. Tommy Lee Jones of course “makes” the film, accompanied by the same cast of deputies as in the earlier movie. There are even “toppers” for the bus crash/train wreck and famous swan dive from the earlier movie. This is a very good escapist action flick.

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