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Up in the Air YTS
Up in the Air YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance
1 hr 49 min

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Up in the Air yts
Up in the Air movie download hd
Plot Summary:
Corporate downsizing expert Ryan Bingham spends his life in planes, airports, and hotels, but just as he’s about to reach a milestone of ten million frequent flyer miles, he meets a woman who causes him to rethink his transient life.
Jason Reitman
Top Cast
Vera Farmiga as Alex Goran

Jason Bateman as Craig Gregory

Melanie Lynskey as Julie Bingham

George Clooney as Ryan Bingham

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Up in the Air review

Reviewed by bkoganbing

7 / 10

Lack of commitment
Seeing the character that George Clooney plays in Up In The Air reminds me of George Peppard in The Carpetbaggers. If you remember Jonas Cord was flying all over creation in his private plane developing and supervising his many enterprises. Just like Clooney here, Peppard had some deep seated issues about settling down even though unlike Clooney he was already married.

Clooney has an interesting job that really keeps him moving. He works for a firm that specializes in aiding fired workers make a transition. I can testify myself that getting fired can be traumatic. In my case though my firing lasted two months and I went back to my old job and stayed there until retirement.

Clooney’s boss Jason Bateman has him going all over the country. He says that he spent only about 43 days in his sparse apartment in Omaha. It really is sparse the various hotel rooms look more homey. But a woman who also spends a lot of time traveling on her job Vera Famiga and a woman who is being trained by Clooney, Anna Kendrick help him see that maybe his life and lack of commitment isn’t the best thing for him.

Nor is his stated goal of gaining 10 million frequent flier miles. He spends so much time in the air that all the airline personnel on all the airlines know him on a first name basis. That’s one significant accomplishment. Maybe Clooney should have taken up with a stewardess.

The characters are drawn well in this script which got one of several Academy Award nominations, in this case for adapted screenplay. Up In The Air also got Academy recognition for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Clooney, Best Actress for Famigia, and Best Supporting Actress for Kendrick. I thought Kendrick was especially good as the young lady who sees a career treadmill she doesn’t like and gets off.

Up In The Air is an intelligent and modern comedy with some characters I think we can all identify with.Read More