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Used Cars Movie Download

Used Cars YTS
Used Cars YTS
Action / Comedy
1 hr 53 min

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Used Cars yts
Used Cars movie download hd
Plot Summary:
When the owner of a struggling used car lot is killed, it’s up to the lot’s hot-shot salesman to save the property from falling into the hands of the owner’s ruthless brother and used-car rival.
Robert Zemeckis
Top Cast
Kurt Russell as Rudy Russo

Michael McKean as Eddie Winslow

Joe Flaherty as Sam Slaton

Jack Warden as Roy L. Fuchs / Luke Fuchs

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Used Cars review

Reviewed by Rodrigo_Amaro

10 / 10

Trust Me! It’s Very Funny!
Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Russo (Kurt Russell) sells used cars in a almost failed shop owned by Luke Fuchs (Jack Warden). In this shop they sell wrecked cars, with the stripping painting and other horrible things but Russo has a dream: make a good publicity of the shop, sell all the damaged cars to make money and run for a Senate’s chair. Luke’s brother Roy (also played by Warden) also has a used car shop right in front of his and he also has a plan: To buy his brother shop and moved out to it since the City Hall has planned a project that’s gonna made him close his spot.

In “Used Cars” the rivalry between car salesman’s and their weapons to attract more clients is a very funny thing. Russo is a talented guy who uses of deceiving and smart moves to sell a used car but he’s not selling so much lately. After Luke’s death things got worse and he knows that Luke’s brother wants to take over his business He hides Luke’s corpse, saying to all even to Luke’s estranged daughter (Deborah Harmon) that he’s traveled to Florida and starts to run with the things on the shop making awkward and funny commercials. Along with Jeff (Gerritt Graham, one of the most funny actors I’ve seen. Great performance he has here) another salesman and a mechanical (Frank McRae) they produce with a couple of friends some of the weirdest commercials ever, interrupting a football game or President Jimmy Carter’s speech, leaving the audience in a total state of shock.

In real life we would probably hate these characters because all they do is lie to obtain a sale. But writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis (who directed the movie too) saw a great opportunity to make a very intelligent and funny movie about salesman who don’t care about anything except themselves. One moment that you can die laughing is when Jeff is trying to sell a big car to an big family. He tells to the family to make a test-drive and meanwhile he puts his dog Toby under the car and puts something on the wheels. Then the car passes by and he starts to cry, says that they killed his dog and convinced the family to buy the car. This scene is very funny because the dog wasn’t killed and he acted so ridiculously funny, it’s such a smart dog.

There’s a war between Russo and Roy about who’s gonna win the possession of the shop; the publicity lies and many other things. This is one the first films directed by Robert Zemeckis (“Back to the Future”, “Cast Away”, “Contact”) and it’s so strange not seeing any visual effects here. By the end of the movie I couldn’t believe that this is one of his works. And it’s a great film, very underrated and surprisingly funny. 10/10Read More