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Vampires YTS
Vampires YTS
Action / Horror / Thriller
1 hr 48 min

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Vampires yts
Vampires movie download hd
Plot Summary:
The church enlists a team of vampire-hunters to hunt down and destroy a group of vampires searching for an ancient relic that will allow them to exist in sunlight.
John Carpenter
Top Cast
James Woods as Jack Crow

Frank Darabont as Man with Buick

Sheryl Lee as Katrina

Thomas Ian Griffith as Jan Valek

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Vampires review

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle

7 / 10

brutal without being intense
Jack Crow (James Woods) leads a group of vampire hunters organized by of the Catholic church. Anthony Montoya (Daniel Baldwin) is his second in command. They clear a nest but the master isn’t there. Jan Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) escape the hunt and massacres the group as they party into the night. Katrina (Sheryl Lee) is a local party girl who gets bitten. Crow and Montoya survive the attack taking Katrina along to track Valek. Cardinal Alba (Maximilian Schell) tells Crow about Valek’s massacre of their European team. He is the first recorded vampire and the most powerful after a botched exorcism by the church. Father Adam Guiteau (Tim Guinee) is assigned to rebuild the team and attack Valek quickly. Crow suspects that Valek is actually searching for the legendary dark crucifix which supposedly gives vampires the ability to walk in daylight.

Director John Carpenter doesn’t waste any time and dives right into the world of vampire killers. I respect that. There’s no real need for an introduction to lay out the background. The action is brutal. It’s a lot of blood and tearing. They are not kung fu fighting. While I love the brutality, there isn’t much tension. It’s brutal without actually being intense. That’s the major deficit. The story isn’t twisty enough. James Woods does a fine macho character. This is good vampire hunt movie but it doesn’t anything more than that.Read More