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Plot Summary:
In a small town in California, the quiet citizens find their lives disrupted by boisterous, lawless oil-field workers who have infested their community. One resident, Ben Arnold, enlists his brother Aaron, a Vietnam veteran, to assemble a group of men to restore law and order to the town. Though Aaron’s crew succeeds, the newfound power goes to some of their heads, and Aaron and Ben must again reclaim the town for the citizens.
George Armitage
Top Cast
Bernadette Peters as Little Dee

Carmen Argenziano as Brian Seldon

Victoria Principal as Linda Christopher

Loni Anderson as Peaches

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Vigilante Force review

Reviewed by bkoganbing

6 / 10

Doubts confirmed
The western plot of a lawless town hiring a town tamer to bring law and order is
updated in Vigilante Force. Curiously enough I read an article where this is
happening in North Dakota for a few years now. The oil fracking boom has created exactly the kind of situation we see in Vigilante Force.

Law enforcement under Sheriff Judson Pratt just can’t handle it so the citizens
bring in Kris Kristofferson who was a hellraiser back in the day before he did a
couple of tours in Vietnam. Kristofferson brings in some of his buddies and
everyone is happy at first. Kristofferson’s brother Jan-Michael Vincent has his

Those doubts are confirmed when Kristofferson puts lawlessness on a more
organized basis. His private militia act like storm troopers. Some citizens die
and some have to become vigilantes themselves.

This film is frighteningly familiar with what is being encouraged now and from
no less than the White House itself.

I recommend folks seeing this one to know it can and is happening here.Read More