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Vincent & Theo YTS
Vincent & Theo YTS
Action / Biography / Drama
2 hr 18 min

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Vincent & Theo yts
Vincent & Theo movie download hd
Plot Summary:
The tragic story of Vincent van Gogh broadened by focusing as well on his brother Theodore, who helped support Vincent. Based on the letters written between the two.
Robert Altman
Top Cast
Tim Roth as Vincent Van Gogh

Paul Rhys as Theodore ‘Theo’ Van Gogh

Jean-Pierre Cassel as Dr. Paul Gachet

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Vincent & Theo review

Reviewed by MartinHafer

6 / 10

I just preferred “Lust for Life” so much more….
The 1950s biopic about Vincent Van Gogh, “Lust for Life”, was an obsessive-compulsive sort of picture. I watched a featurette of the making of this film and also have a huge book featuring all the available known paintings by the artist and was shocked just how exact the film was. Many minor characters in the film were copied EXACTLY from paintings by Van Gogh–such as Dr. Gachet, a sailor who looked a bit like Bluto from the Popeye cartoons and Van Gogh himself (with Kirk Douglas doing crazy things to make himself look more like the artist). Additionally, the filmmakers managed to actually get many of the ORIGINAL paintings by the artist and featured them in the film!! This attention to detail show that it truly was a work of love and money, in many ways, was no object.

“Vincent & Theo”, on the other hand, was a very different sort of film. Director Robert Altman did NOT have a large budget, as the film was originally envisioned as a four-hour TV production, not a ‘big’ movie. In addition, they did not have access to the original paintings and had art students make copies inspired by Van Gogh’s work–and in the making of featurette for “Vincent & Theo” Altman admitted that he really didn’t wasn’t concerned how close these art students’ pictures were! I noticed that many of these copies were very, very poor–and I am very familiar with his work. Instead, this film seemed to care much less about details but tries to emphasize the craziness of both Van Gogh brothers. Kirk Douglas’ version of Vincent was INTENSE, whereas Tim Roth’s was much sicker and bizarre. Neither is necessarily wrong–as how the very mentally disturbed painter actually acted is only guesswork and based much on his writings.

So did I like “Vincent & Theo”? Yes, but I did not love the film like I did the other film. Too many scenes of women urinating and a few ultra-bizarre scenes (such as Vincent painting his face and others as well as eating paint) turned me off. If Van Gogh DID eat paint, drink thinner and paint his face and that of others, then perhaps they were right in showing this–but I really think this was more artistic license than anything else (if it IS true, write me–I’d love to know). Additionally, I would have really loved it if the film HAD been four-hours long like it was originally envisioned, as this film just seemed a bit too short and incomplete (despite many slow portions in the film). Worth seeing but I’d strongly recommend seeing “Lust for Life” first.Read More

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