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Vision Quest Movie Download

Vision Quest YTS
Vision Quest YTS
Action / Drama / Romance / Sport
1 hr 47 min

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Vision Quest yts
Vision Quest movie download hd
Plot Summary:
After deciding he needs to do something meaningful with his life, high school wrestler Louden Swain sets out on a mission to drop weight and challenge the area’s undefeated champion, which creates problems with his teammates and health. Matters are complicated further when Louden’s father takes in an attractive female drifter who’s on her way to San Francisco.
Harold Becker
Top Cast
Daphne Zuniga as Margie Epstein

Linda Fiorentino as Carla

Forest Whitaker as Balldozer

Matthew Modine as Louden Swain

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1 hr 47 min
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Vision Quest review

Reviewed by Sylviastel

8 / 10

You’re on a Vision Quest!
Linda Fiorentino pretty much debuted as the love interest to Matthew Modine in this film, Vision Quest, which is an odd title for a film anyway. It was also entitled Crazy for You based on Madonna’s song for the movie. Both Madonna and Fiorentino were still new at the time. The writing for this story is bit predictable. Matthew plays a wrestler and Linda plays the object of his affections. The film is directed by Harold Becker who also has a great soundtrack to the movie. I love the music which are perfect choices and the sounds of the music keep playing in her your ears. It’s predictable but worthy to watch over and over again. Keep watching it and you’ll learn to become nostalgic for a time that MTV played music videos and you were young again. They filmed where they set the story in Spokane, Washington. They don’t do that anymore. They film elsewhere you know and say it’s the real thing. Anyway, Linda’s role of Carla was a drifter from New Jersey. It turns out that Linda herself is from the same area of New Jersey herself. Matthew Modine seems a bit older to play a teenager but then again it always seemed like older people playing young like Beverly Hills 90210. Also it was nice to see Forest Whitaker in a very small role as one of the other wrestlers on the team. He should get an Oscar nomination this year. Harold Sylvester plays the English teacher who befriends Carla and he is better known for his role as the shoe salesman sidekick on Married with Children. Ronny Cox plays Louden’s dad. A funny name, Louden Swain, but anyway the film has great music. They filmed on location in Spokane, and for a film debut, Linda was good. We miss you and we’re waiting for your comeback.Read More

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