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Action / Comedy / Drama
1 hr 46 min

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Wakefield yts
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Plot Summary:
A man’s nervous breakdown causes him to leave his wife and live in his attic for several months.
Robin Swicord
Top Cast
Jennifer Garner as Diana Wakefield

Bryan Cranston as Howard Wakefield

Beverly D’Angelo as Babs

Jason O’Mara as Dirk Morrison

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Wakefield review

Reviewed by Woodyanders

8 / 10

Dropping out of life
Successful, but discontent suburban lawyer Howard Wakefield (superbly played by Bryan Cranston) decides to step away from his unrewarding humdrum lifestyle by living in seclusion in the attic of his garage. However, Wakefield still keeps tabs on his estranged wife Diana (a sturdy portrayal by Jennifer Garner) and two daughters by spying on them from afar.

Writer/director Robin Swicord relates the compellingly offbeat story at a measured pace, astutely pegs the numbing monotony and complacency of everyday upper-crust suburbanite existence, offers a nice mix of pathos and humor, and provides a thoughtful and provocative exploration on the concept of self-worth and how much a person matters in the lives of other people. Better still, Cranston brilliantly captures the quiet anguish and desperation of a broken down man who’s fed up with his lackluster lot in life and yearns to have a second chance at a better one. Granted, the premise does strain credibility at times, but overall this is an interesting and refreshingly different film.Read More

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