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War Arrow YTS
Action / Drama / Romance / War / Western
1 hr 18 min

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War Arrow yts
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Plot Summary:
A thrilling Cavalry-versus-Indians adventure starring Jeff Chandler as an Army official recruiting Seminole allies, against his superior’s wishes, to stop a planned Kiowa attack.
George Sherman
Top Cast
Maureen O’Hara as Elaine Corwin

Henry Brandon as Maygro

Dennis Weaver as Pino

John McIntire as Col. Jackson Meade

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War Arrow review

Reviewed by Tweekums

6 / 10

Plenty of exciting action with an unnecessary romantic subplot
This B-Western follows US Cavalry officer Major Howell Brady who has been sent to Fort Clark in Texas to try a new method of fighting the local Kiowa tribe; he intends to recruit Seminole Indians who had been forcibly relocated to the area after their defeat in Florida. He has two immediate problems; the fort’s CO, Col Meade, doesn’t believe the Seminoles will be of any use and the Seminole chief, Maygro, has no desire to fight. His people are a little less reticent and when they see how good the latest army rifles are they decide that they will fight on condition that the non-fighting members of the tribe will be supplied with food while they are gone. Brady sets about training the men and soon they out performing the regular army. There is also a romantic subplot involving Brady and the widow of a captain apparently killed by the Kiowa and Maygro’s daughter Avis; as the film continues we learn that the captain isn’t as dead as was thought and is in fact helping to lead the Kiowa attacks… ultimately there will be a battle between the Army and Brady’s Seminoles on one side and the Kiowa on the other which will determine who controls that corner of Texas.

The main story was well handled and contained plenty of good action although like many films of its time it used made-up Europeans to play the Native Americans which made them somewhat less believable which was a pity. Jeff Chandler did a decent job as Major Brady however the lack of chemistry between him and leading lady Maureen O’Hara rendered the romantic subplot somewhat of a distraction from the main story. That said the twist of having her husband be a traitor was quite a good surprise that I hadn’t seen coming. Some comic relief is provided by Brady’s two sergeants and for a change the comic relief did raise a chuckle more than once. Over all this isn’t a classic but is well worth watching on television if you are a fan of the genre.Read More