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Action / Comedy / Drama
1 hr 20 min

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We Are the Freaks yts
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Plot Summary:
Three misfits embark on a weekend they will never forget.
Justin Edgar
Top Cast
Hera Hilmar as Iona

Sean Teale as Chunks

Rosamund Hanson as Clare

Amber Anderson as Elinor

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We Are the Freaks review

Reviewed by Daniel Morris

9 / 10

Flawed but a lot of fun – I am a freak
I heard about this film from the press reviews which were generally
quite positive for a British comedy, so I thought it might have
something to it. I downloaded it while the wife was out and loved it.
It reminded me of being young, not fitting in and feeling like a bit of
a loser.

I expected some kind of Inbetweeners cash-in but its much smarter than
that, this is a film with something to say about youth, alienation and
Thatcher’s Britain. The characters represent different strata of the
class system so we have rich kid Chunks who can’t take life seriously,
middle class Parsons and poor Jack, whose character is interesting
because in socio-economic terms he is working class, but miles away
from the usual working class Ken Loach clich├ęd archetype.

Its actually a very smart teen movie which subverts all those tropes
like the geeky guy getting getting the girl – in this film she turns
out to be a pill popping raver with issues. Or the bad boy learning
something from a wise youth like in American Graffiti – in this film he
kills him accidentally! In the end nobody learns anything which I
understand will irritate a lot of people used to the 3-act Hollywood
morality play. At least this is something different even if it doesn’t
always work.

The acting is good and its well-directed, a shame it didn’t get more of
a release but I’m sure its destined to become a cult classic in years
to come with kids sitting watching it in their bedrooms smoking dope! I
am a Freak!Read More

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