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While We’re Young Movie Download

While We're Young YTS
While We’re Young YTS
Action / Comedy / Drama / Mystery
1 hr 37 min

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While We're Young yts
While We're Young movie download hd
Plot Summary:
An uptight documentary filmmaker and his wife find their lives loosened up a bit after befriending a free-spirited younger couple.
Noah Baumbach
Top Cast
Greta Lee as Sundance Interviewer

Amanda Seyfried as Darby

Naomi Watts as Cornelia

Adam Driver as Jamie

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While We’re Young review

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation

6 / 10

Another decent Baumbach film
“While We’re Young” is the newest movie by Academy Award nominated writer and director Noah Baumbach. It’s the second film I have seen from him after the absolutely amazing “Frances Ha”. And even if it’s not as good as that one, I think “While We’re Young” is still worth a watch. It runs for pretty much exactly 90 minutes without credits and takes us into the world of documentary filmmakers. Baumbach unites with Ben Stiller after “Greenberg” again. I have not seen that one, so no elaboration on more possible parallels. Stiller stars alongside Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver (also in “Frances Ha”, Emmy nominee for “Girls” and bound for stardom with the new “Star Wars” film). The story is basically that a young couple becoming friends with an older couple brings completely new pep into the lives of the older couple. But it’s not all that great. Sometimes reality is not so real anymore. Another important aspect of this movie is the unfulfilled wish by Stiller’s and Watts’ character of becoming parents.

Even if I enjoyed this one, I have to say something was missing for me to be really impressed by it. It’s difficult to exactly point out what. The acting was good by everybody in here, the script was realistic and all other components somehow worked as well. Yet I felt that this film would really only be totally worth the watch for (documentary) filmmakers because of the connection they can form with the central characters. Apart from that, I liked some of the music in here again as well. this is definitely one of Baumbach’s biggest strengths. It’s an interesting evaluation of a certain group of people, but it’s much more specific than “Frances Ha”, a title character that probably far more people can really connect with. Good effort I must say, but I hope that Baumbach’s next works can also make an impact on the emotional level which this one didn’t really do for me.Read More