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X the Unknown YTS
Action / Horror / Sci-Fi
1 hr 21 min

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Plot Summary:
Army radiation experiments awaken a subterranean monster from a fissure that feeds on energy and proceeds to terrorise a remote Scottish village. An American research scientist at a nearby nuclear plant joins with a British investigator to discover why the victims were radioactively burned and why, shortly thereafter, a series of radiation-related incidents are occurring in an ever-growing straight line away from the fissure.
Joseph Losey
Top Cast
Anthony Newley as LCpl. ‘Spider’ Webb

Dean Jagger as Dr. Adam Royston

Leo McKern as Insp. ‘Mac’ McGill

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X the Unknown review

Reviewed by rmax304823

5 / 10

It’s A Blob!
Dean Jagger is a scientist working at a lab in Scotland, trying to find a way to render radioactive materials (like a bomb) harmless. The earth splits open nearby and a rude lump of glowing stuff comes pouring out, lethal, crackling like bacon in a frying pan, and conveniently built of the kinds of radioactive stuff that Jagger is working on.

The blob — for the most part unseen — manages to kill several locals by radioactive poisoning before Jagger and the authorities are able to deploy a full-scale replica of their laboratory model. It may not work because “the fans are out of synch.” Or it may explode, like the tiny lab model does.

Will it work? Is Jagger’s fantastic theory of blobby organisms having been forced underground as the earth’s crust thickened correct? Is the short, squat dilatory figure who runs the lab correct when he calls the whole thing balderdash? Will the whole mess blow up? Why does hail always have to be the size of something else? Did the Masons really design the first dollar bills?

It starts off slowly and mysteriously. That’s the best part. Then it gets fast, complicated, scientifically inaccurate, and very loud. Sometimes the suspenseful musical score, on top of all that crackling, as of cellophane being wrinkled, literally drowns out the speech so you can’t hear what the characters are saying.

It’s not terrible. It’s just a routine example of those 50s Briish SF movies that used an imported Yank as the main figure — here Dean Jagger, there an improbable Gene Evans — and sometimes they worked quite well — Brian Donlevy as Quatermass.

In this one, the performances aren’t bad but the script has a tendency to lose itself once in a while. In the very last scene, there is a blinding explosion from the creature’s fissure. Knocks everyone flat. What was that, asks a soldier. Jagger is staring thoughtfully at the smoke wreathing out of the fissure. “I don’t know,” he replies, “but it shouldn’t have happened.” Camera draws away. The End. It should have happened if you’d decided at the last minute to end the movie with a big bang in order to use up the left-over special effects explosive.Read More